“…she stopped paying close attention to his words and when at red lights, examined the rain drops spattering on the windshield so intently that she almost stared right through them. Each drop seemed stuck on the glass, until another drop landed on it and they rolled down the window together, ending in a climactic splash.”

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3 arrested in massive Canadian maple syrup heist, which hurt world supply 

I saw this on my local news tonight (I live near DC):

"MONTREAL — Police in Canada say three people have been arrested in connection with a massive maple syrup heist from a Quebec warehouse, which put a dent in the global supply.

Quebec produces up to 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup.

Authorities never disclosed the exact amount of maple syrup stolen in August. But the warehouse contained Quebec’s maple syrup reserves, which were supposed to hold 10 million pounds (4.54 million kilograms) valued at $30 million.”

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